Who am I?


my name is Ralf – great meeting you here!

Hi - that's me.

I am 38 and have been spending most of my time living and working in Germany. I love cars, the digital sphere, and I studied marketing, so after working for Hamburg based a digital agency I came to Munich to work for MINI. I spent over 10 years working for automotive online.

Just recently, I decided to join the motorcycle division of BMW, but then – bamm! an offer came in from Great Wall Motors in China. I have been having a case of wanderlust ever since I been living abroad for the very first time.  Now  I am about to embark on a Chinese adventure, and wanted to share at least some of my experience. And also – I want to stay in contact with the friends at home. What better way to do so, than with a few funny stories and some chuckles.

If you came across this blog by accident, drop me a line. I’d be very curious to know who is visiting my blog.

Enjoy reading!


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