The preparations

When I first heard, that I had 4 weeks between my last day at BMW, and my first day at Great Wall Motors, I thought “Great – I get the chance to squeeze some vacation in between”.

I was so wrong!

In fact, the last four weeks have been so busy, I didn’t even manage to update my blog. So let’s catch up on that now.

At first, there were some errands to do at my beloved Kreisverwaltungsreferat – get a new ID card, un-register my German place of residence – each errand comes free with an entire morning of mindless waiting.

photo 1
When I wasn’t at the KVR waiting for my number to be called, I was checking my pension plans with guys of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, or was trying to make sure I have health insurance – national coverage during the month of July and international from August on – more complicated than you’d think, but I’ll spare you the details.

And then there was the apartment to ‘liquidate’. I had 20 auctions on eBay, some more stuff on Kijiji, and I managed to sell all but 2 things.

The highlights: I had been asked if my bread slicer also manages to cut T-bone steaks, and I sold a 2kgs fire extinguisher for 1,50 Euro. The rest of the auctions had been a bit more lucrative.

My parents came over last week, with a station wagon and a trailer so we managed to cramp most of my household in there, and my apartment got emptier and emptier every day.

photo 3
I sold the kitchen, dresser, lamps and sofa to the new tenant, so I figured the rest should fit in my parents’ car on my last haul.

I had painters over (I can really recommend Santamaria) who managed to paint the entire apartment in just 3 hours. As my wooden floor was damaged in one spot, I also needed to have someone refurbish the living room floor, which ate away another 2 days of my time.

floor refurbished the painters

Unfortunately nobody wanted to paint my doors white. When I did it myself yesterday, I realized why. Next time, I don’t want to do it either!

So all was set this morning for the handover with the new tenant and the janitor. My car was packed to the rim with all the remaining stuff, that didn’t make it on the trailer.  And after a long, but luckily not so thorough handover (the doors looked awful!) I was on my way to my parents.

it ain't full yet Move selfie

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  1. It’s sad you are homeless now, but it’s even sadder Munich has lost you!….for now… 😛

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