Baoding Air

Today was the first bad smog day since I arrived. I shot the shaky video above after work on my way to the north of Baoding. At this time, the viewing distance had already greatly increased. The air quality is usually measured with a PM2.5 index (PM2.5 are the small particles that are specifically vicious). Today, we had 270 of those particles per cubic metre. According to Wikipedia, the Chinese government has set the limit to a daily average of 75 µg/m3. Values above 150 are considered ‘unhealthy’, above 200 even ‘very unhealthy’. Strangely enough, nobody really seems to care. I only saw 2 people with a breathing mask the whole day.

Still, I tried to prepare as good as possible. I bought an air purifier machine, that cleans my air at home.


It’s basically a fan circulating the air through 3 layers of filters. While it does so it also checks the air quality and indicates good or bad air by a green or red light. So far, I haven’t seen green yet though. There’s no PM2.5 forecast but it is supposed to rain on the weekend, which usually washes out some of the smog. Let’s hope for rain and blue sky afterwards.