The Journey

After more visa hassle my flight got eventually booked for Thursday 14th.


My flight left around 2pm, and took around 9 hours, which brought me to Beijing around 5 am local time. I was kind of relieved that we could pass over Russia. There had been threats of counter sanctions against airlines who should be forbidden to use Russian airspace. Taking the long route around Russia certainly would have taken more then 9 hours.


On arrival, I got my big bag, a large suitcase, and my cabin trolley. I literally took as much with me as I could carry. Perhaps even more – it must have looked pretty awkward when I alone was shuffling all that luggage through customs.


I was glad when I was welcome by two of my new colleagues, who were helping me to get everything to the car.

They had a driver and a brand new Haval H6 SUV – was I happy, that with the 4 of us, there was still enough space for my luggage.

Next stop was Fedex. I needed to get my moving crate through customs. Unfortunately, we were way too early, so we had to wait another hour and a half until 8:30am for the Fedex office to open up. Waiting ‘the Chinese way’ we had a rest in the car …


When they opened, it still took me another hour or so for all the paperwork, and clearing customs.

Waiting at the Fedex office I could start learning about Chinese office style …


I was seriously wondering, if my office would fashion similar … err, sights.

Eventually, we made our way to Baoding, which is about a 3 hours drive from Beijing Airport. I had the chance to put my stuff into my apartment, but my day wasn’t over then. We still had to go to the police station to register.
All Foreigners must be registered!

After that my translator ‘Jim‘ took me to the local Walmart, and we bought some stuff in order to make me survive the weekend. I was happy for a proper bed that night, after such a seemingly endless journey with way too little sleep.



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  1. Three people to pick you up…I guess they wanted to make sure you don’t change your mind. 😉

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