On Monday evening, the Chinese government has released the latest report on China’s air quality. The results are glum with 90% of Chinese bigger cities not meeting the Chinese (!) […]

Water 水

In Chinese culture water is something very good, I was told. Equivalent to money. And it is very important that the water (i.e. money) is collected and does not flow […]

Driving Crazy

I took a creative break from writing, but I wasn’t idling. I studied for the Chinese driving test. I do have a European driving license, also an ‘international’ one, but […]

Everyday Craze

Working and surviving in a Chinese tier 3 city is a constant adventure. There are tiny bits of craziness that just continue to surprise me at an hourly rhythm. Little […]

The cost of translation

I am very happy that I speak some Chinese. Living in a Chinese Tier 3 City is not exactly easy for foreigners. Some things you get used to – like […]

Exploring Baoding

Week 2 was less shocking and surprising than my first few days here. I actually managed to spend my time in the office doing some sensible work and used late afternoons […]

One week down

After one week of living and working in Baoding, there are way too many surprises and stories to tell them all. But here’s a few of the things from week 1 for you: […]

Day 1

After a weekend to adapt, I had my first day at work this Monday. I didn’t really do a good job at adapting to my surroundings, so Monday morning, when my […]

The Journey

After more visa hassle my flight got eventually booked for Thursday 14th. My flight left around 2pm, and took around 9 hours, which brought me to Beijing around 5 am local […]